The World in 1999

Smart Interactive Media (SIM) is not just marking 25 years in 2024; it’s celebrating a journey that began amidst the dawn of digital evolution. Existing in a dynamic marketplace for a quarter of a century is quite a milestone, and definitely calls for some introspection regarding the seemingly faraway era we came from. 25 years ago, the internet and website design were in their infancy. Technologies such as Bluetooth and smart phone precursors such as the Blackberry 850 were newcomers to an already unfamiliar and ever-evolving technological marketing landscape. However, they would connect our world through unfathomable means. Another honorable mention from 1999 includes the Palm V, which helped users organize every aspect of their lives before smartphones were even conceptualized.

Google: From Humble Beginnings to Global Dominance

 On the search engine side of things, Google was quite the shrimp compared to the behemoth it currently is today. In fact, in 1999, most internet users either utilized Netscape or Internet Explorer. Despite this, by the end of 1999 Google was rapidly gaining traction and the number of searches entered per day had increased by 350 fold in sheer volume! This was indicative the world was becoming increasingly connected, and speaking of which, people were collaborating like never before to share data and files.

Napster: Disrupting the Music Industry

 A newcomer to this scene in 1999 was Napster, which disrupted the music industry and foreshadowed the digital revolution that was yet to unfold. Napster seamlessly allowed internet users to download and share music. Sought-after technologies such as the PlayStation 5 and iterations of the MacBook are in high demand today, but they can trace their roots back to popular precursors from 1999, such as the immensely popular PlayStation 2 and laptops such as the iBook G3. foreshadowing the digital revolution that was yet to unfold.

Cultural Phenomenon: The Rise of Pokémon

 One term that is almost synonymous with 1999 would be Pokémon. It created cultural hype, with video games centered around catching, battling, and trading to become a Pokémon master. This idea was so novel, that a craze could be created amongst essentially having the best possible set of data coded as charismatic sprites with unique attributes. If anything, Pokémon really helped establish the fact that data is equivalent to versatility. 

Y2K: Fear and Preparations

 Like a coin having two sides, harbingers of doom and despair often gravitate towards the popularity of new trends, and regarding the technological advances of 1999, this was certainly no exception. Many people feared one term related to 1999, and that was Y2K. Essentially, the switch from 1999 to 2000 was supposed to create society-ending problems and mass chaos with computer systems. Some individuals and companies were so scared they even had bunkers prepared. Luckily though, Y2K came to pass without harm.

The Adaptive Journey of SIM

 While some startups and technologies from 1999 were outcompeted through internet-based natural selection, others truly established their dominance in the field to withstand the test of time. Speaking of adaptability, SIM is truly unique- through the digital winds of change, we stood tall, improving and evolving with each technological shift. To portray this, we need to spend a brevity to explain our longevity. From the beginning, SIM provided behind-the-scenes support for top marketing agencies in Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, and Green Bay. As time progressed and the company grew, SIM began offering direct business relations and partnerships to provide companies with our expertise. With this distinctive background, SIM possesses an unparalleled knowledge base and skill set to apply to any situation, no matter the circumstances.

Pioneering the Webscape: Past, Present, and Future

 We have cultivated and continue to evolve our niche in the domain of internet technology with potential to provide limitless opportunities for ourselves and our customers’ desires. Our aspirations envision us and our customer base pioneering and championing the webscape, 25 years ago, today, and into the future!


We’re Smart Interactive Media!

Since 1999, SIM has been devoted to constructing brands and increasing sales opportunities. Originally, SIM provided behind-the-scenes support for leading agencies in Minneapolis, Madison, Green Bay, and Chicago. As the company expanded, SIM began offering direct partnerships with select companies. With this distinctive background, SIM possesses an abundance of expertise and experience to apply to your specific situation.


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