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About Us

Diverse Minds – Uniquely Strong

Since 1999, SIM has been devoted to constructing brands and increasing sales opportunities. Originally, SIM provided behind-the-scenes support for leading agencies in Minneapolis, Madison, Green Bay, and Chicago. As the company expanded, SIM began offering direct partnerships with select companies. With this distinctive background, SIM possesses an abundance of expertise and experience to apply to your specific situation.


Satisfied Clients

Our Team

Mike Stevens

Leader of the Consortium

Mike built his first website as part of Western Snowplows in ’97 – the team was called the “Western Web Wizards” (www – get it?) and components of that first build can still be found today.

Mike spent over 20 years in the corporate sales and marketing world – rising to the top and then finding the top was not that great. He loved the digital world and what opportunities existed to bring business and people together and decided to convert his life to digital.

The consortium that Mike has built is focused on delighting every client every day. This makes SIM a great place to be and a great resource for all clients.


Alex C.

Developer & Coder

Alex is a developer and coder, speicalizing in WordPress, Divi, and Elementor. Alex also works on custom coding (CSS, JavaScript) and is proficient with headless CMS.

Emma T.

Web Developer & Writer

Emma is a web developer, working in WordPress and Divi. Emma is also a Journalist, writes blogs and creates custom content.

Grant S.

Content Developer & Writer

Grant excels at finding interesting content that resonates through social media channels.  Also very adept at scientific writing, he is brought in on projects where every word, phrase, context and tense are paramount.

Howard H.

Operations Manager

Howard has over 25 years in operations management and has built his own management company. Howard is also our expert in logistics.

John C.

English Professor

Dr. John Coletta is brought in on scientific writing projects where original research and copywriting are of paramount concern.  There is none better in the business.

Joseph S.

Database Builder

Joseph sees the value in building client databases and parsing the data so specific marketing campaigns can be segmented precisely.  Joseph is in college working toward an Accounting and Computer Science degree.

Josh N.


Josh is a coder that specializes in headless CMS. He is also an app, WordPress and plugin developer. If that wasn’t enough, he is also an Educator at UW Milwaukee and has taught with Northwestern University and Michigan State.

Kaitlyn M.

Social Media/Content/Creative

Kaitlyn is our social media maven. She works on social campaigns, advertising, fan growth and engagement. More recently, she has shown great skills in design work and building out content for websites.

Marie B.

Coder & Creative & Developer

Equally left & right brained! Rarely do we find a fantastic creative and coder in one person. Marie delivers exceptionally on every project and spends her free time racing hot rods.

Mike F.

Branding & Design Guru

Mike has been in agency work for over 25 years and built his own agency in that time. Mike has gone from Big “G” to Utz Potato Chips and is our resident marketing expert.

Russ S.

SEO Expert & Writer

Russ is a writer and blogger, focusing on SEO. He is also a WordPress coder. Russ also works in advertising, fan growth and engagement.

Scott Q.


Scott is a master of SEO and Ads on google and bing.  In his spare time he is building a cabin by hand in the northwoods of WI!

Tim M.

Developer & Coder

Tim is a developer and coder, specializing in cold fusion and WordPress. Tim is also an expert in complex data projects and does custom coding (CSS, Java).


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