The challenge we faced with AngleLock was to establish a stronger foothold in the aluminum framing market by effectively communicating the unique benefits of their technology to potential buyers. At the heart of their offering was the assurance of zero downtime due to misalignment, made possible by their patented Angle-Lock® technology.

To address this challenge, our team developed a strategic rebrand aimed at creating a clear and compelling identity for the product. This began with the creation of a new name that directly explained the technology. By doing so, we ensured that potential buyers could easily understand what AngleLock offered.

As part of the new brand, we crafted a logo where the “A” mimics the exact angle of the Angle-Lock screw, symbolizing the innovative solution to misalignment. This strategic design element not only adds depth to the branding but also reinforces the message of reliability and precision associated with AngleLock’s products

– AngleLock Brand Identity – 


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