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Municipal Websites & Custom Applications

Managing a website for a city, village or town can bring about many challenges, but Smart Interactive Media has many website applications for municipalities that can make communications between citizens and their local leaders much more efficient. If you manage a city, village, town, or other local government, take a look at our online municipal applications for integration into your website.

Citizen Request Management System

The Citizen Request Management System is a tool that municipalities can use to receive alerts from citizens, track progress on actions taken, and receive citizen feedback. Allow your citizens to interact with their local government and make the community a better place by reporting concerns. Here are some of the features of this municipal communications system.


  • Easy to use
  • Files (photos, documents, etc.) may be uploaded by citizens and administrators
  • Requests sent to topics may be assigned to individual administrators
  • Requests may be filtered by date range, status, submitter, department, and more
  • Accessible by multiple administrators, who may control specific departments
  • Administrators can separate issues into departments and categories
  • Citizens may opt in to be notified when their requests are completed or have updated information
  • Surveys may be given upon completion of requests
  • Completed requests may be archived for future access

Community Calendar

Keep your citizens and staff up to date with a customized meetings and events calendar. The calendar website application features color coded events, category filters, and even event recurrence so a multi-day or recurring event need not be entered multiple times. Calendar data may be accessed from other pages of your website as well, allowing you to place event listings on your home page or elsewhere within your municipality website.

Community News and Alerts

Need a way to easily keep your citizens informed? Try our community news application, which allows you to create full news articles or simple notices accessible from a News page on your municipality website, or from a news headline listing on any page of your website.

Newsletter Sign-Up

A custom newsletter sign-up module will let allow your site’s visitors to sign up to receive your newsletter with minimal effort. A SIM design allows you to collect specific data and communicate seamlessly with your community. If you don’t have an e-newsletter for your community but would like one, let us know. We can help you create an attractive municipality newsletter template into which you can insert information, articles, alerts, ads, and more.

Custom Applications

Do you have an idea for an application that would be very useful on your municipality website? SIM can help turn your idea into reality. We have created many custom municipal applications over the years, with features that involve communication, data management, file manipulation, scheduling, online sales, and more.

Here are some examples of custom website applications we have built.


  • Village Overnight Parking Application
  • Rummage Sale registration
  • Newsletter (physical) Opt-Out Lists
  • Outing/Event Registration
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes App
  • Online Forms – PDF or Online
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