What is a Lead?

Every enterprise really wants new lead opportunities as a result of their marketing activities.  SIM works with each client to identify the best chances to coerce a lead. A “lead” is established as a unique factor by every company. When we know what type of lead is required, we formulate a process that works best to achive success. Examples of leads include:

Phone Calls


Form Fill


Request a Quote

White Paper Download


Service Request


Information Request

Webinar Sign Up

Meeting Request

Lead Generation is not a simple plug-and-play solution as there are a number of important facets that, working together, lead to a lead for your business. BtoB and BtoC businesses look at leads differently so SIM works with your team to create the right programming.   

In most cases, lead generation combines digital and traditional marketing activities including trade shows, social media, google and bing advertising, email campaigns and snail mail.   
SIM marries web development tools such as custom landing pages, form creation, and blog development.  All activities are built with tracking in mind.   
SIM creates tracking tools that will then measure the success of your program and allow you to re-market to those that respond favorably.

What We Do

Once we know what the intended lead might be, then a plan to coerce more leads is created.  Plans typically include but are not limited to:

 We generate MORE Ideas AND Get More Leads FOR OUR CLIENTS


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